16 Days of Activism – What Strategies Work?


Stopping Violence Against Women & Girls!

Based on statistics, violence against women and girls affects one in three women world-wide and is one of the most widespread abuses of human rights globally.

There has been enormous work by the civil society and women’s movements to put an end gender-based violence. Laws have been made in most countries against domestic violence, sexual assault and other forms of violence. Internationally, there is the Covention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and the 1993 UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Challenges remain however in implementing these laws, limiting women and girls’ access to safety and justice. When VIOLENCE does occur, it often goes unpunished or it’s seen as a woman’s issue not a humanity issue or the victim gets the blame or the tradition/culture permits it.

We believe there are strategies out there that work…

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11218461_1434659636836598_5609748763210340551_n11201619_1432490210386874_1388933068954443533_n11265130_1434150133554215_3690507772837638168_nIts Amazing how skilled most women are but it is even more amazing when they make the most of thier potential to empower themselves and rise to the top. In her own words, one of the most promising female CEOs in Bamenda Cameroon,CEO of E spraw accessories says “I am challenged to be creative and to imagine widely. and it’s so amazing when you produce something beautiful …and you admire it wondering if u actually did it yourself… its much”

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SHE Platform is committed to stimulating the potential of young women and girls. empowering them to explore thier untapped potential and spring to the top.We congratulate Elvin on this Amazing Journey and Wish her the best.Thanks for being a source of inspiration to many more young Women.

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What is her crime?Arent the Rich and Mighty truely a terror to less priviledge?

Agriculture is thier only source of Livelihood.Thanks to Agriculture they can afford shelter for thier families,education for thier children and they can put smiles on thier faces and the faces of others.How then can they live to see someone else take this away from them because he is wealthy and influential?

When I heard this woman recount how she had been dragged and thrown to jail because she dared to speak up against the devilish actions of ‘a rich man’ my heart blead. The story goes that this wealthy and influential man came into a community(Mbaichan)’and requested a piece of grazing land for his cattle from the Fon, offering him and some other notables in the community the sum of 1 millions francs CFA.Although some of the community members where against this action,the Fon went ahead to offer this man this piece of land.Eventually the fears of the community members became a reality.The cattle began to invade thier farms and eat up thier crops.

It is so sad indeed that this lady heard cows mooing in her neighbours farm and raised an alarm,calling on other villagers to chase the cows out but was arreste and jailed the following day for killing 6 cows.

When I went there with a colleague and other collaborators to pick up the facts of this story,I was so heartbroken.There are lots of women out there who still dont have a voice,there are lots of people out there who take advantage of thier influnce and wealth to seize the rights of the vulnerable and less priviledge.

This woman was finally sentenced for one year with financial levies.What was her crime?She was accused of killing 6 cows but says she didnt see any dead cows but was told she had killed the cows and they had ben buried in her absence.Forces of law and order,The heads of administrative services in this area are coniving with the rich influential Aladji Baba to enslave the less priviledge and vulnerable.Who TSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTUREShen to protect them?


…The most disheartening part of the story is that when she arrived the hospital and was told to explain what had happened to her she said, it was in an attempt to split wood that she had an accident and punctured her eye. Really? Was she splitting the wood on her eyes or in her eyes? It was on the 25th of November 2014, day of non violence against women and while staff and volunteers of a non-governmental organization are busy in two markets trying to sensitize the population on violence against women, Mme Elizabeth is been violated by her husband because of a kitchen…okay I know this is getting complicated and you may not get it so let me coordinate these ideas and explain. Mme Elizabeth is a mother of four; she is married and lives with her husband and four kids in mile 6 Mankon. She wakes up every morning and cooks for her children and gets them ready to go to school. On the morning of 25th November (International day of non violence against women) this woman wakes in the morning and cooks for her kids as usual, and her husband comes to inform her that he needs to break her kitchen and build a home for his pigs, and she doesn’t agree. One thing leads to another and eventually her husband pulls out a piece of wood from the fire and pieces her left eye, and goes ahead to tell her that he owns the property and thus has the right to do what he pleases with the property. The most disheartening part of the story is that when she arrived the hospital and was told to explain what had happened to her she said, it was in an attempt to split wood that she had an accident and punctured her eye. Really? Was she splitting the wood on her eyes or in her eyes? Anyway more startling facts coming up in the paragraphs below… When COMINSUD staff Nkwenti Marie-Claire was called to attend to a case of violence in the mile 6 neighborhood she immediately rushed to the scene where she was told that the victim was in the farm, she moved to the lady’s farm and when she asked the lady what had happened she narrated the whole story as it happened but also added that she wouldn’t like her husband to be punished for the act. WHY? ‘Well because that is the first time he is doing that and he is sorry’, he had apologized to her. Now dear women Is it enough to deprive me of one eye and apologize? Women are made to believe that their primary role is in the kitchen and that they are to be seen and not heard so then why does her kitchen need to be destroyed? So that she shouldn’t be seen or heard at all? Most people think that violence against women is a cock and bull story but it is real. Each time we try to cover up the perpetrators’ of violence, we contribute to promote the cycle of violence, each time we find out that these things are happening and don’t speak up we contribute to promote the cycle of violence, and even when we have solutions and don’t offer them,we contribute to violence against women. According to the Delegate of the Divisional Delegation of Women’s empowerment and the family for Mezam, at least 25 cases of violence against women are reported monthly, and most are cases of domestic violence. Good enough that people have started speaking up but what about the ones we don’t know? What about the likes of Mme Elizabeth who prefer to cover up the perpetrators’, will the cycle of violence end if there is no violence? can there be violence if it is not reported?lets think together. Everyone has a role to play in their community: men, boys, religious leaders, local politicians, barbers, food stall sellers, shop owners, teachers, doctors and police officers this campaign hopes to. Because of kitchen hot firewood, cooking for her 4 children. Let us strengthen the solidarity of women in our communities by reporting cases of violence, Monitoring cases and continuously sensitizing against these ills together we can create tools to pressure governments to implement promises made to eliminate violence against women. Ironically Elizabeth wants the violence to stop and she proudly holds a sticker produced by COMINSUD shun violence against women,but she tells every other person who cares to know why her eye is plastered that she had an accident.img_20141125_174418_1_

Welcome to SHE Platform!an avenue to transform your life and the lives of women the world over.

Economic and agricultural giants

Limited to child rearers and bearers

Political gurus and social activist

Limited to animators and cooks

That is who we are!!

Those were the voices of women

Dead voices resurrected in 1975?

To reflect on their plight,

Demanding justice and recognition

Finally voted international women’s year.

Thanks to those voices, today Women can Crave for a change

Women can fight for equal opportunities

and day in day out they ponder on ways to improve their status

they strive to Eradicate cultural practices that enslave the woman folk.

I wasnt there then but I am here now,

and my voice is here too,but also not just my voice but my actions too.

Welcome to SHE Platform dear women and girls.

The platform where the lives of women and girls the world over will be

transformed is right here and together we would transform.

Thanks be to the women who gave ressurected the voices of women in

1975,thanks to the women wgave us life,thanks Be to GOD!1510949_275636785921764_1494513647_n1510949_275636785921764_1494513647_nYESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES