Welcome to SHE Platform!an avenue to transform your life and the lives of women the world over.

Economic and agricultural giants

Limited to child rearers and bearers

Political gurus and social activist

Limited to animators and cooks

That is who we are!!

Those were the voices of women

Dead voices resurrected in 1975?

To reflect on their plight,

Demanding justice and recognition

Finally voted international women’s year.

Thanks to those voices, today Women can Crave for a change

Women can fight for equal opportunities

and day in day out they ponder on ways to improve their status

they strive to Eradicate cultural practices that enslave the woman folk.

I wasnt there then but I am here now,

and my voice is here too,but also not just my voice but my actions too.

Welcome to SHE Platform dear women and girls.

The platform where the lives of women and girls the world over will be

transformed is right here and together we would transform.

Thanks be to the women who gave ressurected the voices of women in

1975,thanks to the women wgave us life,thanks Be to GOD!1510949_275636785921764_1494513647_n1510949_275636785921764_1494513647_nYESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



4 thoughts on “Welcome to SHE Platform!an avenue to transform your life and the lives of women the world over.

      1. This is great. As Napoleon Hill rightly says, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. ‘Hitch your wagon to a star.’ Bravo! After reading your introduction, I look forward to reading the first post on your blog.

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  1. This is a great and apt endeavour that may herald The SHE-PLATFORM to the lengths and breadths of the universe. It takes a mindset developed to attain a vision to effect on a program like this. Keep strong and remain focus.

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