What is her crime?Arent the Rich and Mighty truely a terror to less priviledge?

Agriculture is thier only source of Livelihood.Thanks to Agriculture they can afford shelter for thier families,education for thier children and they can put smiles on thier faces and the faces of others.How then can they live to see someone else take this away from them because he is wealthy and influential?

When I heard this woman recount how she had been dragged and thrown to jail because she dared to speak up against the devilish actions of ‘a rich man’ my heart blead. The story goes that this wealthy and influential man came into a community(Mbaichan)’and requested a piece of grazing land for his cattle from the Fon, offering him and some other notables in the community the sum of 1 millions francs CFA.Although some of the community members where against this action,the Fon went ahead to offer this man this piece of land.Eventually the fears of the community members became a reality.The cattle began to invade thier farms and eat up thier crops.

It is so sad indeed that this lady heard cows mooing in her neighbours farm and raised an alarm,calling on other villagers to chase the cows out but was arreste and jailed the following day for killing 6 cows.

When I went there with a colleague and other collaborators to pick up the facts of this story,I was so heartbroken.There are lots of women out there who still dont have a voice,there are lots of people out there who take advantage of thier influnce and wealth to seize the rights of the vulnerable and less priviledge.

This woman was finally sentenced for one year with financial levies.What was her crime?She was accused of killing 6 cows but says she didnt see any dead cows but was told she had killed the cows and they had ben buried in her absence.Forces of law and order,The heads of administrative services in this area are coniving with the rich influential Aladji Baba to enslave the less priviledge and vulnerable.Who TSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTUREShen to protect them?


6 thoughts on “What is her crime?Arent the Rich and Mighty truely a terror to less priviledge?

  1. Big question: who then to protect them. We have a collective responsibility to speak out and act against injustice ad great that you are doing so. We salute your courage!


    1. It is so disheartening Wise that those who are rather to protect the less priviledge are on the other side adding more salt to thier wounds.Thanks for the encouragement and constant support though.


  2. So sad! that is the ordeal many poor and underprevileged persons go through in the hands of these wicked,evil rich men ,and our dead conscience administrators.All These Must Stop!


    1. All these Must Stop!Amboh Gordon.I second your thoughs on this.We all have a role to play and sometimes it seems like we are also part of the team we want to fight for because we dont get the chance to fight for them too,but with God on our side no one can be against US.Together we Can


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